MUSICKE - doth not onely make sweete the mindes of men, but also many times wilde beasts tame; and whoso savoureth it not, a man may assuredly thinke him to be not well in his wits.                                                                                     Baldassare Castiglione - 1478 - 1529
WISH LIST The titles below represent the "wish list" of new additions to our library. Would you like to donate one or two? Listen to each of the works by clicking on the title, and find your favorite. The link to the vendor URL will take you directly to the page where you may purchase the work. Let me know before you buy ( so we don't duplicate titles. I will delete each work as it is purchased to help avoid duplications. I think you will like each of the selections, and agree that our library should include them. As an added bonus, if you go to Sheet Music Plus through Good Shop (sorry, JW Pepper is not part of the program)                                                                                                              and purchase the music, the band will receive between 4% and 6% of the sale as a monetary donation. Title             Composer         Best Price     Vendor URL  Calypso             Derek Bourgeois       $51.00                  Canterbury Chorale       Jan Van der Roost        $95.00